About College

“to evoke in oneself a feeling one has experienced, and having evoked it …..then by means of movement, line, colour, sound or forms, expressed in words, so transmit that same feeling this is the activity of art” Leo Tolstoy


Principal Note

The College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is one of the leading institutions of Fine Arts and Design in the country. We provide courses for Under Graduation, Post- Graduation and Ph.D. studies in various areas. Nestled in the center of the city, this vibrant and creative campus has produced many renowned artists, sculptors, designers, art historians and art critics, over the last fifty years. We are committed to providing an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment. To ensure this we regularly review the content and structure of our programmes. Our teaching staffs include practicing artists, designers, art historians and art critics.Their international exposure aids for a strong and well-rounded exposure to our students. Our strong international links highly benefits the students. It provides them with a platform to enhance their skill sets. Participating in national and international exhibitions, workshops and conferences gives them a glimpse into the industry as well as opportunities to network with experts. We have students from different parts of India and outside India studying at the college. Our philosophy is that every student is a creative individual gifted with different abilities. Our teaching methodologies are based on this principle. While using specific department’s resources a student is also given the freedom to use the facilities of other departments, if required.The increasing importance to art and design in today’s world opens many opportunities for ourstudents, to make an impact and contribute to the cultural and ecological development at a local and global level. While we select students, we gauge their strength of character along with their skills and passion for creative challenges. When a student joins our college they become a part of the creative community that encourages the growth and development of an individual, both professionally and personally. I do hope you consider applying here and become part of our community.

Prof. Tejendra Singh Baoni



We provide an atmosphere of learning in a creative environment in the campus. Our aim and objective is to nurture ideas and aspirations of young minds. We also encourage diversity of thinking in our eclectic cultural situation. Our college aims at an interactive opportunity. We strive to create an intense and sustained professional experience for students. We provide freedom with responsibility in the dynamic contemporary culture. The student has to understand the relationship between art practice and active participation in the challenging wider world. This will enable students to relate to contemporary art discourse. They have to engage in a dialogue to provide hands on experience with skills and craft. On completion of the course, a student should have identified his/her area of specialization, and focus on acquiring a professional understanding of the wide opportunities available for practicing artists in our contemporary times. The College of Fine Arts aims at promotion and education of visual culture in the current day global context. Skills to ‘think’ and ‘feel’ are taught and considered as a means for the development of better social beings.

Our strength

College of Fine Arts is centrally located in the city of Bangalore and is housed within the premises of Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. Its unique feature is that the CKP complex comprises of several art galleries and museums. This showcases the local, national and international art works in all media of expression which is a ready source of information for the students, faculty, and visiting scholars and other art lovers. The galleries of the Parishath regularly hold some of the best exhibitions of national and international status. We have a unique collections of marionettes, leather puppets, folk and traditional paintings (Mysore and Tanjore), permanently displayed and available for viewers and the students on all working days. This multi-dimensional atmosphere is conductive for the integral growth of the students. A high percentage of our students have employment in their respective fields, immediately, upon graduation. The alumini of our college have been recognized and rewarded for contributing to the visual art scene of our country. Successful alumini and other prominent practitioners are regularly invited to the college as visiting lectures. This allows students to meet and converse with them to establish contacts in the field.


The institution was first established as “Chitrakala Vidyalaya” under the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in 1964. The founder secretary late M.S.Nanjunda Rao was instrumental in establishing and nurturing the institute. The institution was upgraded into a Degree college in 1983, Affiliated to Bengaluru Central University. The post-graduate/post diploma facility was extended in 1990. the college has been accredited for a period of five years with B++ grade by National Assessment and Accreditation council, an autonomous institution of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi- 2005. It has obtained status as an autonomous institution from the academic year 2006.

Structure & Expansion plans

Among the future projects of the Chitrakala Parishath, the College campus will receive top priority. It is proposed to get 5-10 acres of land in the vicinity of Bangalore city and put up an independent College of Fine Arts, hostel facilities for the students, residence for the staff members and other related developmental activities in the new premises. When this is accomplished the present college will shift to the new premises. The academic and research activities will continue with renewed vigor.


The college offers the Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) and Master of Visual Art (M.V.A). The college houses five departments, Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Art, Art History and Applied Art. Students have to undertake a regular course of first and second language English and Kannada (or Hindi or French or Additional English) as per the University requirement. The language of instruction is English This autonomous institution will function under the guidance of the Governing Body, Academic Council and Board of Studies.

Vision Statements


    "To create divergent environment of educational excellence with humane values, social justice and social commitment..
    To continuously strive to achieve greater heights towards building up a visual arts institution at the national and international     levels."


  • To promote holistic development of students by offering quality Education and making them self-reliant.
  • To imbibe progressive and creative culture.
  • To contribute to the transformation of society through teaching, learning, research, publication and extension services.
  • To empower and spread the cultural relevance of visual culture as a genuine humanitarian preoccupation and experience.
  • To continuously strive to achieve greater heights towards building up a visual art institution at the national and international levels.